We like moving images

Who we are

We are two Scottish born and NZ raised young filmmakers who are just beginning to cut our teeth on the world of professional filmmaking. With two film degrees under our belt, we decided to move ourselves to Glasgow to explore what this buzzing city has to offer.  

Our all-female team is made up of Lucy Clumpas and Bella Stratton. We are two friends that met at age 13, our love for film has grown throughout our friendship. Separating during our university years to study film on different sides of the planet, Bella at Victoria University of Wellington and Lucy at the University of Bristol

We have launched this baby indie with the intent to create meaningful, thought-provoking and vibrant films that cover new ground and take up space in the industry. 

We care about platforming characters and stories that are not often seen and are looking to work with other like-minded creatives. 

Our Team



|     Co-Creator 

I have an openminded and flexible approach to filmmaking. During my time at Bristol I ran the award-winning student tv station which produced content ranging from mini docos, viral videos and  I loved working with a team with the freedom to create whatever we could imagine. This gave me the drive to keep creating after my studies and focus on projects that expand my skill set and challenge me in new ways.


|    Co-Creator

I believe in creating with a modern approach, to show something new and different in everything that I do and to develop passionate pieces that are thought provoking. At Victoria University I was lucky enough to experience many areas of filmmaking, from Development to Motion Capture. Because of this I learnt that my passion lies in directing, but am constantly looking for different ways to create beautiful visuals and strong stories. 

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